Sunday, July 16, 2006


President Kaluwa,

I am writing you to respond to your coments against the state president Dr Wamutharika on 18th May 2006 where you said:
" I said from the start that Bingu was worse dictator than Banda and want to turn malawi into his
personal estate "
I find your reaction in general to be abit emotional than balanced.I can fully understand your position in that you had to spend some considerable time in the cell only to discover that you had no case to answer.However, I am of the opinion that you are not an ordinary debater.No one can conclude malawian transitional history without mentioning Kamlepo Kaluwa.

You may not know this, but there are some of us who honestly think that you contributed to the change process in Malawi in ways that many of our celebrated politicians could not.

We still recall your breath taking revelations on channel africa when there were no independent broadcasting houses in the country.You cut your teeth in politics and promised that nation in a rather crude chewa translation" MUKAZAVOTERA MDP,TIZAKUUZANI ZINSINSI 54[If you vote MDP we will tell you 54 secretes] Unfortunately it dint work out.

One thing clear at that time was that you were fighting for a cause.This did not stop.You continued doing it during Bakili's time.

I am laying this background because I find your claims that "Dr Wamutharika is a worst dictator "to be baseless.The essence of dictatorship as a leadership style has to be described in specifics as distinct from abstract demonized political ideology.
Unless you give us specific examples of this worst dictatorial antics from the beloved leader,your claims will be taken as another hoax.

You went into exile during Dr Banda's alleged fair dictatorship rule.I find it hard to believe that you would remain in Malawi during the worst dictator's reign when you couldn't face the fair dictator.
That alone contradicts your position.
2- During your 10 year relentless campaign against Dr Muluzi, you bravely fought against Dr Muluzi's democratized corruption and sleaze."You warned the public that you may consider going into the bush to bring change"

The very same things you were fighting for is what Dr Wamutharika is fighting for.I would think that your position would be to support practical measures that can defeat the specter of corruption – not the erosion of our country’s values as was the case during the past regime.

As a presidential aspirant, you seem to be giving us a discomforting impression that if you were to be voted into office,your government will be soft on crime and corruption.I expect you to be advocate of good governance and be relentless in the pursuit of those who were perpetrating antagonistic and corrupt acts and unswerving in your commitment to uphold justice.

As a hallmark of our endeavor, I believe that it Is important to mirror the values of the present Democracy in the context of our past with an aim – to look for healing not division, for pastoral reconciliation and not punishment, to look to our shared witness not only in our political lens but in the processes by which our vested interest in our democracy works out the current tensions without compromising the rule of law and natural justice.

All I am saying here is that, we the voters expect alternative views from you presidential aspirants.
If Dr Wamutharika is doing something wrong, you should point it and tell us how else you would have done it.
We expect to hear policy related issues from you and not these sort of characterizations.

By the way, KODI MUDZAIMA 2009?

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Anonymous said...

I write to comment on two views and these are you and your views if you are able to read through the line then can separate the very thin line between being a free thinker and under the peticot of some crazy leader.